How to Detect Scam House Movers

The last thing you want when you move into a new home is to get scammed by shady house movers. Horror stories abound. Families who trust their belongings to a moving company, only to find that their most treasured keepsakes ended up at an auction somewhere two states away. This doesn’t have to be you. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to make sure you don’t fall prey to these thieves.

Look for Licensed House Movers

Beware if the company you plan to hire hasn’t bothered to get licensed. When a moving company applies and receives a license, the government verifies the background of both the company and its owners. The owners’ addresses, Social Security numbers, and other information are all on file. Without licensing, local law enforcement personnel have no way of tracking down the offenders. They may get caught, but often not until their victims’ belongings are gone.

Hire a Moving Company with a Physical Location

Even though many companies these days forgo brick-and-mortar operations for online ones, legitimate moving companies usually do not. Legitimate house movers keep a good stock of moving equipment on hand and need a place to store it. If a company you’re considering doesn’t have a physical location, find another one that does. It’s just not worth the risk of not having a place to turn to if your goods get lost.

Find Market-Competitive Prices

It’s one thing to hire a company that offers discounts for legitimate reasons: promotions, website mentions, or off-season moves. Yet if the price they quote is way off the market norm, be cautious. It costs legitimate movers plenty to keep their fleet moving. Utilities and leasing fees for their facilities, employee salaries, and equipment maintenance aren’t cheap. Pricing, therefore, has to be within a certain range. Shop around. If the company you plan to hire is way lower, don’t take the bait. It’s probably a scam.

Make Sure Your Mover is BBB Rated

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) exists to stop scams and shady companies in their tracks. They not only check into the backgrounds of companies, but also investigate every complaint that comes their way. Take advantage of their many years of experience. Look for a BBB approval rating when you hire house movers.

Hire Only Local Movers

One of the best ways to detect scam moving companies is to ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. Local moving companies have a reputation to maintain in their communities and work hard to keep their name blemish-free. When you hire movers from out of town, you have little way of checking their legitimacy.

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