Why Should I Choose Flat-Rate Movers for My Next Move?

When you’re ready to move, you’ll learn that movers often charge varying types of rates. Some charge by the hour; others charge a flat rate. Flat-rate movers will charge you a fixed fee for the move. Hourly rate movers, on the other hand, charge you for each hour they spend packing, moving, and unpacking your belongings. Here are some reasons you may want to consider flat-rate movers for your move:

Flat-Rate Movers Provide Certainty

If you’re on a strict budget, you should consider hiring a flat-rate moving company. The movers will come to your home, take an inventory of your belongings, discover where you’re moving to, and give you a single rate for the entire move. You can compare that price to what your budget allows and evaluate each bid accordingly. There’ll be no sticker shock upon arrival in case your movers encounter bad weather that slows travel—and jacks up your price for the extra hours on the road.

Flat-Rate Movers Work More Efficiently

With flat-rate movers, you won’t have to deal with workers that take their sweet time on the job. Since they get paid the same regardless of the time they spend, they will work faster, yet never compromise on the quality of their work.

Use Flat-Rate Movers for Long Distance Moves or Remote Locations

If your current home—or your new home—is in a remote location, it may take longer for the movers to locate the home. With hourly rate movers, that will reflect in the price you pay at the end. Similarly, for long-distance moves, flat-rate movers are a better bet, since with a longer distance, there are more chances for things to go wrong—a blown tire, an overheated engine, or fog that slows traffic to a crawl. All those things will reflect on your bill with hourly rate movers. With flat-rate movers, though, you’ll pay the same no matter what problems arise during the move.

Flat-Rate Movers Work Better with High-Rise Condos

If you live in a condo or apartment in a high-rise—or if you live on one of the upper floors of a building without elevators, it gets labor-intensive to lug bulky furniture up and down the stairs. All that extra time will show up on your bill if you choose an hourly rate moving plan. If your current home or your new one has these kinds of logistical challenges, you may be better off with a flat-rate mover.

Consider Flat-Rate Movers if You Want the Movers to Pack for You

If you’re busy with other things and have no time to pack, you might be better off with flat-rate movers. With an hourly rate, you’ll pay for every second the movers spend packing up your belongings.

When you leave it to the professionals, you’ll have the advantage of packing expertise. The materials professional movers use to pack your goods are superior to those you’d probably find on your own. More importantly, their years of expertise packing will give them the edge on packing your belongings safely to guard against breakage.

Flat-Rate Movers Factor in Everything Beforehand

A flat-rate moving quote involves the movers coming to your house well before moving day. Not only will they come to your home to look over the belongings they will move, but they will take into consideration all the expenses they will encounter along the way. Since that’s just an estimate of the usual way things go on a move, you’ll be well ahead if contingencies arise that require more time on the road.

With Flat-Rate Movers, Get Your Estimate in Writing

Assume nothing. Make sure that your moving company lists all the services they plan to cover, such as assembling furniture, moving all the belongings into their proper rooms, transporting special items, such as pianos or other bulky objects, as well as other special services you want. Look over the fine print before you sign to make sure the rate covers everything you want the movers to do.

If your situation merits looking at flat-rate movers to better handle your special needs, call the expert moving team at VIP Nationwide Moving. For a quote on your upcoming move, contact them today.