Apartment Movers, Secrets for a Successful Move

Experienced apartment movers know that moving from one apartment to another has its unique set of challenges. High-rise apartments with elevators or huge flights of stairs require more planning on the movers’ part to ensure a successful move. On your end, too, moving to another apartment requires extra work. From sorting through the paperwork with both landlords to cleaning out both places, you’ll need to put in some extra time to make sure all goes smoothly. Here are some tips from the experienced apartment moving team at VIP Nationwide Moving to get you off to a great start in your new home.

Choose Your New Place Early on in the Moving Process

You don’t want to be stuck in limbo without a place to live after you’ve given the required days’ notice at your old place. Instead, as soon as you know you intend to move, start looking for a new place. Look for one with easy access, wide doorways, and fewer flights of steps to make it easy for the movers to move in your belongings. When you find the perfect place, sign a lease as soon as you can so you won’t miss out on the opportunity.

Pack Early: Save Time and Money When the Apartment Movers Arrive

Since most apartment movers charge by the workers needed and by the hour, it pays to have all but the things you’ll need in your final days in your old apartment already packed away. Make sure you label everything. Don’t forget about the things movers don’t cover: guns, ammunition, flammable items, and live plants. Make arrangements to take these things safely to your new apartment. We recommend that you dispose of flammable items through a hazardous waste service rather than moving them to the garage in your new place yourself.

Start the Cleaning Process Ahead of Time, Have Less to Do After the Move

Although apartment movers do their best to avoid tracking in dirt during the moving process, there are always a few stray leaves or outside dirt on the floor after you move. Too, after moving furniture, you may find a few dust bunnies behind that heavy chair or couch. If you start cleaning before the movers arrive, you’ll have less chance of ground-in dirt that’s tough to get out before the landlord arrives for the final inspection. When you have most of your items already stowed away in packing boxes, it will be easier for you to see any spots that require extra cleaning. Be sure to fill in any holes from hanging paintings or other artwork. We recommend that whenever possible, apartment dwellers use hanging solutions that do not require nails, screws, or adhesive that is difficult to remove.

Choose Easy-to-Move Furniture for Your New Digs

If your Dallas-Fort Worth area job keeps you moving from apartment to apartment, do what our expert apartment movers recommend: choose lighter weight pieces of furniture when it’s time to replace the old ones. Lighter weight furniture means it’s easier on you to move them around to clean behind them, and easier to rearrange. When you have to move again, lighter furniture means you’ll need fewer movers, taking less time—and less money.

When it comes time to choose an Arlington-area mover, give us a call. Our insured, licensed apartment movers have years of experience to ensure your move will go smoothly. For more information, contact us at VIP Nationwide Moving today.