5 Indispensable Moving Tips from Local Movers

When you find a new place, the excitement often takes over and you forget some of the little details that will make your local movers’ job so Local moving companiesmuch easier. Fortunately, the team of relocation experts from VIP Moving Company has put their years of experience helping local residents move to work for you with these five indispensable moving tips that will make your move a success.

1. Declutter Before the Local Movers Arrive
One of the biggest challenges when you move is getting all that stuff you own into boxes and taking it back out again—only to find that the first boxes you’ve unpacked have belongings inside that you’ll probably never use again. Whether you just run out of time or think “I may need that someday,” that excess baggage takes up space and the local movers’ time—costing you more than the items are worth.

Instead, go through your belongings before you even pack. Sort them into three piles: 1) treasured keepsakes, valuables, and the items you’ll definitely need, 2) broken items that will take more money to fix than to buy new, and 3) items that are usable—but which you’ll never use, like outgrown clothing and outdated furnishings. Take the broken items to the trash or to a recycling service. Next, select the usable but dated items that you can sell. Hold a garage sale or sell the more valuable items on eBay or another online service. Those you can’t sell, donate. Finally, pack the ones that you’ll need the local movers to take to your new home.

2. Arrange for Services and Healthcare Providers Beforehand
Another problem many people face after their move is finding services in their new location. Even if it’s just a local move, it may be a hardship to drive clear across town just for a doctor’s appointment or to take your pet to the veterinarian. Instead, find local providers near your new home. Since they have years of experience helping locals move, your local movers may be able to refer you to various services in your new neighborhood.

Transfer school records, medical records, and veterinary records to your new provider before you move. Don’t forget to change your address with the U.S. Postal Service, too. If you have children, have their records transferred to their new school before you move. If possible, take them by their new school to check out the territory before their first day of school.

3. Organize Electronics and Small Parts
Local movers and cross-country movers alike know that their clients that prepare their electronic equipment and other items that contain small parts beforehand can get up to speed in their new homes without delay if they do a few simple tasks before they load up. Take photos of your electronics’ correct connections so they’ll know where each component plugs in, and pack the small parts into clear, sturdy, plastic zip bags labeled with the device’s name. Tape the bags to the larger item so you won’t have to hunt for parts once the local movers have unloaded it.

4. Pack What You Need First in Clear Containers for Local Movers to See
Pack everything you know you’ll need during the first week, such as essential cookware, pantry staples, serving items, everyday china, paper towels, trash bags, often-used tools, favorite clothing, and power strips in clear plastic containers. You’ll be able to see everything at a glance, making your first days in your new home a breeze. Ask the local movers to pack these items in such a way that they’ll unpack them first, so you can get to them right away.

5. Pack Overnight Bags for All Your Household
Whether you move to another state or just down the street, moving day will tire you out. Make it easy for your household by packing each individual an overnight bag. Pets, too, will have an easier time if you can pull their favorite toys, their bowl, and a couple days’ worth of food out of their bag as soon as you arrive. For your human household members, pack toiletries, pajamas, at least two changes of clothing, and personal items such as laptops, tablets, and favorite books. A few bottles of drinking water and some snacks, too, might make it easier to settle in to your new home. That way, when the local movers arrive with your belongings, you can get right to work unpacking without having to head out to the store for supplies.

With these essential bases covered, you can start enjoying your new home as soon as you arrive. To discover how local movers can make your next move the smoothest ever, contact the local relocation experts at VIP Moving Company today.